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JuliusShulman.Org sells for 70% less. Julius Shulman gifted us all his inventory of prints and personal memorabilia at no cost at the time of his retirement. All Julius' prints in our inventory were created by Julius durring his lifetime. All Julius' prints sold throughtout the world were created using the same archived negatives. We all sell the exact same prints, we just sell for less and not from a big fancy brick gallery. We have the largest inventory of Julius' prints and memorabilia in the world. We represent "The Julius Shulman Trust & Photographic Archives". We discount due to our no overhead costs. We are managed by volunteers who loved Julius and underwrite JuliusShulman.Org.



It has been brought to our attention that some galleries and sellers of Julius Shuman products have created their own "Home Made" certificates of authenticity. Purchasers of Shulman products that have purchased from other than JuliusShulman.Org cannot confirm if the product they are purchasing is being resold (used), is a reproduction (a recent duplicate), the authenticity of Julius' signature (you would be surprised what we see) or authenticity of Julius's studio stamp. Our attorneys have requested that we now emboss our Certificate of Authenticity with the original embosser created by Julius Shulman at the time he registerd Julius Shulman Co. with the California Secretary of State. January 25, 1957. This is now being done to further protect investors and fans of Julius and assure that their investment is a great one. 

JuliusShulman.Org Trust Discount photographs, posters, books, awards, banners, correspondence and memorabilia. Our inventory came to us directly from Julius' Hollywood Hills studio located at his Woodrow Wilson Drive home. 

JuliusShulman.Org includes works by Frank Lloyd Wright, R.M. Schindler, J.R. Davidson, John Lautner, Pierre Koenig, Charles & Ray Eames, Raphael Soriano and others. 

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We not purchase prints. We cannot chance contaminating our authentic Julius Shulman inventory with outside items. Due to complaints from galleries, we no longer authenticate Julius' prints or signature on items purchased from outside sources. If you purchase from other than JuliusShulman.Org, you are on your own. 

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Photos arrived and they look fantastic!
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Prints arrived in perfect condition.. we love them.
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Thank you for the quick and thorough response. 
I love your prices.. and your inventory.
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I just wanted to let you know the prints arrived safe and sound this morning, they are beyond my expectations.
I just love them and can’t wait to get them framed.
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The photograph arrived safely
I am very happy and pleased with the picture - Thank you very much again.
Kiel, Germany


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    Julius Shulman was often referred to “As the leading architectural photographer of the 20th century” and "The recorder of American Modernism" was born October 10,1910 and peacefully passed away at his secluded Hollywood Hills home on July 15, 2009. Julius Shulman’s long journey as a photographer and environmentalist started by chance…

    Born to a Russian Jewish family in Brooklyn, Julius Shulman moved to Los Angeles in 1920. His family opened and operated a dry goods store. Without any formal photographic training, Shulman audited various classes at UCLA and UC Berkeley before returning to Los Angeles in 1936 to start his career as a professional photographer

    In 1936 Julius Shulman was taken to a construction site of what was to be known as the “Kun” house in Los Angeles. Having his pocket camera with him, Julius Shulman decided to take a series of shots and sent them to the architect, Richard Neutra. Neutra was so pleased with the shots that he purchased them and asked Julius Shulman to continue shooting his projects. As word spread of this young talented photographer, other architects hired Shulman including Frank Lloyd Wright, R.M. Schindler, J.R. Davidson, Charles and Ray Eames and the architect who would design Julius Shulman’s own Hollywood Hills home, Raphael Soriano. The home was later named a historic-cultural monument by the Cultural Heritage Board in Los Angeles.

    As the years passed, thanks to his famous clients and extensive magazine spreads (staff photographer for Arts & Architecture) and hundreds of articles in the L A Times, Julius Shulman’s accomplishments would become recognized internationally. Soon Julius Shulman was traveling on assignments all over the world for both foreign architects, foreign governments, magazines and newspapers. In 1969 Julius Shulman was awarded the AIAA Architectural Photography Medal for his accomplishments that memorialized the Southern California lifestyle for future generations.

    Shortly before his death, Julius Shulman sold a majority of his archives to the Getty Research Institude in Los Angeles. The sale of approximately 260,000 of the over 275,000 negatives shot over Shulmans's 75 year career was in keeping with Julius Shulman's intent to preserve his lifelong work for generations to come. Not known to many was Julius Shulman's love for teaching future generations about their environment and preserving the planet. During one year alone Julius Shulman donated over a million dollars to local universities and organizations.

    Throughout his lifetime, Julius Shulman advised architects and photographers with proper techniques with the intent of boosting their careers. Julius Shulman introduced these architects and photographers to his successful colleagues, who had established themselves in an attempt to furthering their careers and continue the challenging task of documenting the wonderful world of architecture that Julius loved so much.