Julius Shulman-"Schindler House"Los Angeles,Rudolph Schindler.
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Photographer:  Julius Shulman

Subject: R. M. Schindler, Kings Road

Location: Los Angeles, California

Architect: Rudolph M. Schindler

Job:  6054 - 1

Year: 1982

*This Julius Shulman Print arrives with a "Certificate of Authenticity" authorized by the "Julius Shulman Trust & Photographic Archives"

Known by many as The Schindler House was designed for two families to live under one roof as a cooperate living quarters. With an open floor plan yet lacking the private dining room, bedroom, even living room made this home unusually unique.  

The building materials chosen by Schindler such as sliding glass panels and concrete walls while leaving an open floor plan for occupants to share made this home even more unusual. Located in West Hollywood, the home was designed by Schindler after being influenced while a vacation in 1921 with his wife Pauline in Yosemite

Black and White Print: Unframed on backboard. Print size: 16" X 20" (40.6 cm. x 50.8 cm.) 

Shulman's studio stamp and "Schindler Res." in ink on verso. 

Signed by Shulman at his Hollywood Hills Studio on recto. 

  • Item #: Job: 6054-1

Julius Shulman-"Schindler House"Los Angeles,Rudolph Schindler.

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